Services with numbers in mind

PortingXS provides a wide range of Numbering services and SaaS solutions throughout Europe and the world. Our focus is always on Number Portability and Centralized Database Solutions combined with extensive number management services.

The introduction of number portability is an important step in the liberalization of telecommunications markets. The definition of number portability.

Onnet is a system that allows for checking of Licensed Network Operator information based on the National numbering plan and the number portability database.

Exclude provides protection against numbers that are internationally used for fraud or scam. By sharing information with other operators, your end users and yourself

The Inports® web GUI provides real time access to the number porting system. Users are able to manage the complete porting process via the web interface.

The unique Inports® SMS solution is an innovative way to provide a safe, easy and foremost customer friendly validation process..

PortingXS is proud to present N-Base, a service that allows our customers to better manage the processes dealing with the national numbering

Operators can reduce costs to a minimum by keeping track of their devices and their customers.In recent years the number of functions on mobile devices has increased

The Robinson List service (or Mail Preference Service) consists of an opt-out list of people who do not wish to receive unsolicited marketing transmissions

For the fixed number portability process (LNP / FNP) we provide in a Voice Response System (IVR). The customer calls to an IVR using the to be ported number,

Fully automated number portability available through internet via HTTPS, this service enables other environments to manage porting

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