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Interview: The power of combination

Interview CM

How do you ensure a better customer experience with SMS and Voice? When a customer switches from one telecom operator to another, PortingXS facilitate...

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Next stop: MWC Barcelona

MWC 2019

Will you be attending the MWC Barcelona next week? If so: please feel free to enjoy a warm Dutch welcome at the Holland Pavilion, Hall 6 J41. For the ...

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Caribbean Cost Efficient Porting

Caribbean Cost Efficient Porting

Sometimes feasability studies show that introducing number portability in smaller jurisdictions is economically not viable. Well: We beg to differ! Co...

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Are you prepared for the online fraud trends?

Online fraud trends

Although fraudsters will never change, their way of working does. A hassle free customer experience without business impact seems like the unicorn amo...

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CANTO Annual Conference: PXS is present!

Canto 2019

From July 21-24 the annual CANTO conference will take place in Trinidad and Tobago: one of our environments where PortingXS Number Portability is in p...

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Bank Account Portability: Not IF but WHEN?

Bank Account Portability

Phone number portability has been around for ages. In many countries it is common practice to bring your number when switching provider. This isn&#821...

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NDD BY PXS: Proud!


We are proud to announce that PortingXS will be managing and maintaining the National Directory Database (NDD). The NDD is a record of all subscribers...

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Corporate Movie – Let us take care of your numbers

PXS Corporate movie

Proud to present our corporate movie. We are PortingXS. Let us take care of your numbers! Come find us at MWC 2019 – Holland Pavilion – Ha...

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Spain ports 634788 mobile numbers in May


Spanish mobile users ported 634,788 numbers in May, 30 percent more than in the same month a year earlier. The figure was higher than the previous thr...

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Nearly half a million Ecuadorian mobile numbers ported in H1


Ecuador’s Agency for Regulation and Control of Telecommunications (Arcotel) reported that 496,818 mobile phone lines changed operator through number p...

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Dominica’s cabinet approves mobile number portability


Dominicans will soon be able to keep their mobile telephone numbers when they change service providers. According to Telecommun...

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Moldova sees 15,600 porting users in 5 years

Moldova porting users

Moldova’s telecommunications authority ANRCETI said 15,600 users ported their numbers in H1. Since porting was introduced in July 2013, 200,300 users ...

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Nigeria: 16,287 telecom subscribers changed network providers in June


The subscribers changed their service providers under the Mobile Number Portability (MNP). The commission made this known in it...

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MWC 2018 here we come!


You are invited to our MWC home: The Holland Pavilion. Enjoy our Dutch hospitality at the Holland Pavilion, while exploring ways to further improve th...

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Dutch govt plans new regulations to help ease changing providers

changing providers

The Dutch government plans to introduce next year new legislation aimed at improving the switching process for telecom customers, the state secretary ...

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Mobile World Congress 2018 – partner Holland Pavilion


In 2018 PortingXS will present itself to the world at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. After a successful 2017 edition, ...

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Announcement new interim CEO PortingXS – Mr. Eric van Mieghem

office PXS

PortingXS, the leading number portability solutions provider, announces the appointment of Mr. Eric van Mieghem as the company’s new interim CEO, effe...

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FCC proposes move to nationwide number portability

nationwide number portability

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed making number portability available nationwide in the US. Currently it is often limited to the loca...

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Nigeria – Telecom Operators Engaged In 34,837 Porting Activities In August

signature nigeria

The Nigerian Communications Commission on Thursday said the Mobile Number Portability activities carried out by telecommunications operators increased...

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Peru set to hit 5 million ported numbers this year


The number of Peruvian mobile numbers ported in a single month surpassed the figure of 300,000 for the second time in September, according to the late...

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Spain ports over 600,000 mobile lines in September

Spain porting news

The Masmovil group accounted for nearly 10 percent of Spain’s mobile portability gains in September, a month that saw a total of 488,000 changes of op...

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Brazilians changed operators 1.6 mln times in Q3 2017

Brazil changed operators

Brazilians changed operator, maintaining their fixed or mobile number, 1.61 million times in July, August and September, according to the quarterly re...

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Over 600,000 phone numbers switch carriers in Romania since the start of the year

number switch carriers

Over 610,000 landline and mobile telephony numbers changed carriers in the first eight months of this year, up 3.9% year-on-year, according to data fr...

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Nigeria: telco’s record 111.248 outgoing ‘porters’

telco record nigeria

No fewer than 111,248 mobile subscribers have ported out of their service providers’ networks this year, latest Mobile Number Portability (MNP) data r...

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Peru ports over 300,000 mobile numbers in August

more numbers in peru

The number of Peruvian mobile numbers ported in a single month surpassed the figure of 300,000 for the first time in August, according to the latest d...

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