Together we protect your mobile

Operators can reduce costs to a minimum by keeping track of their devices and their customers.

In recent years the number of functions on mobile devices has increased enormously. Our mobile devices have transformed from ´just a phone´ into a database, bank, calendar, camera, address book, social network hub and many other functions. This expansion makes it a more important device than ever before. Unfortunately, phone theft or loss seems a recurring problem that causes a big impact.

To tackle this problem PortingXS developed the protection services CEIR, MobiMY and MobiMY+. These services protect mobile devices by validating their IMEI numbers. In case of theft or loss the services make phones or tablets unusable on all provider networks. The services are designed both as a consumer solution as well as a business solution.

The CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) is a central IMEI database service that updates different local EIR’s from all operators in one system. The basic functionality of this CEIR is to maintain a white, grey and black list of all IMEI numbers by all connected operators.

On top of the CEIR, PortingXS offers a service to give operators and end users more insight into personal information and device use. For end users it is possible to secure their device in multiple ways. This service is called MobiMY. A MobiMY+ user benefits even more features: the Consumer Portal and the MobiMY App.

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