01 Sep

Dakar, Senegal(MAT) – Senegal will, on 1 September at 9 am at Terrou-Bi Hôtel, launch the portability of telephone numbers, a project that will impact 14 million mobile users, according to Regulatory Agency of Telecommunications and Posts (ARTP).

The Senegal will thus be the second country in Africa to have launched telephone number portability system, says ARTP, in a statement received at the APS.

Portability, a recommendation of the International TelecommunicationAlles weergeven Union (ITU) is the ability for subscribers to keep their telephone number when changing operator.

Under the proposed number portability in Senegal, ARTP adopted in 2014 a decision that guidelines the mobile number portability.

The technical configuration retained in these guidelines is a centralized database with direct routing mode indicates the Authority on its website.

The document stresses that the procedure chosen ” is of type single wicket that is to say, the customer who wishes to bear his number will be a single interlocutor, namely its new operator, to perform all administrative tasks related to porting”.

” Carrying costs will also be free for the customer and the maximum period given to operators involved (old and new) to proceed to the effective porting number should not exceed 24 hours, with a service interruption time for client midnight, ” the source said.

The ARTP established a project steering committee and four subcommittees (technical, economic, legal, customer experience and process) whose principal function the operational implementation of portability in accordance with guidelines that it has adapted.

In its latest quarterly report (April, May to June), ARTP stresses that the mobile fleet totaled 14,819,053 lines, up 0.82% from the previous quarter.

The increase in mobile lines park is supported by Orange, which recorded a growth of 0.73% in its fleet, Tigo (1.10%) and Espresso (0.70%), says the document.

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