Ghana Regulator NCA issues ImeiXS a license to operate an IMEI platform

Ghana Regulator NCA issues ImeiXS a license to operate an IMEI platform

25 Mar

ImeiXS announced that it has been issued a license by the National Communications Authority of Ghana (NCA) to operate an IMEI platform. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a serial number unique to every mobile device.

The basic function of the ImeiXS platform is that any reported loss or theft of a registered device will lead to an automatic and instant block of that IMEI across all participating operators rendering that device unusable in the country. This should significantly impact phone related crime and increase confidence in the use of mobile equipment and other value added services.

Mobile security has become a priority for everyone. A lot of personal data now resides on phones – contacts, messages, photographs, emails, financial information and documents. In the corporate world, the mobile device is integrated into the office environment and is used to access sensitive and confidential company information.  These advances make it even more important than ever before that the phone is secure. At the same time, phone theft or loss is a rapidly growing problem that has a significant impact on society.

The ImeiXS platform will also be used in the fight against counterfeit phones. Counterfeit phones are of poor quality, do not operate well, and cause interference with the network. They impact health and safety, environment, security, quality of service and loss of revenue. Network operators lose revenue from reduced user services and suffer on quality of service perception.

Additional benefits of the ImeiXS platform are that insurance companies are willing to insure phones registered on the platform against loss and theft whilst banks are eager to use it for identity management and to fight fraud.

In order to deliver this service to the public ImeiXS is working closely with the NCA and the local telecommunication operators. ImeiXS will soon announce the schedule for the commencement of the services

About ImeiXS

ImeiXS deals with validation processes related to IMEI numbers. ImeiXS develops innovative, safe, high-performance validation solutions and supports several sectors in the implementation of IMEI validation processes in different areas: fraud, retrieval, theft, delta management services and number of IMEI numbers. ImeiXS has specialised knowledge of telecommunications and regulation. Besides ImeiXS puts its expertise to help clients when entering new and existing validation processes in the field of IMEI.

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