Chile introduces geographic number portability

Chile introduces geographic number portability

04 Nov

The Chilean government has announced the introduction of geographic fixed number portability, allowing all fixed line users to keep their number when moving to any part of the country. The measure was announced by the country’s telecoms minister Andres Gomez-Lobo, who said: “families who need to move to another region for work can now stay connected via their usual number, and small businesses that changeAlles weergeven location won’t lose their contacts.” Pedro Huichalaf, head of Chile’s Department of Telecommunications (Subtel), added that the measure also affected VoIP-based lines and would serve to boost the country’s sluggish fixed telephony sector. “In the last 12 months [fixed telephony] lines have grown by 1.9 percent. With geographic portability we are looking to revitalise the market by providing the best options for those using their fixed line equipment for personal or professional reasons,” he said.

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