About us

About us

Founded in 2001, PortingXS is a Dutch numbering portability solutions supplier and service provider in the Telecommunication and IT industry. With the introduction of number portability (the ability to retain your number while changing telecom provider) there was a clear need within the market to outsource the increased level of administrative and technical activities associated with the porting process at the lowest possible cost. PortingXS detected this gap and established a flexible back-office organization for number portability. In the following years it has grown into an organization with an 90% market share in The Netherlands and active operations in more than 20 countries. Out of our international activities three partnerships have been established. In Panama, Kenya, Ghana and Haiti we have local presence with back office teams and service operations. An advantage of establishing local entities is that we are able to efficiently deliver a local governance model, supporting our number management solution N-Base and our Inports® Number Portability solution.

PortingXS is a major contributor in advisory projects and developments in telecommunication and IT, especially where it concerns number management, number portability and related topics. Moreover, we focus on the opportunities and not on the problems. In our quest for solutions, we often examine unconventional routes and try to find solutions of a practical and efficient nature. This results in:

  • Optimal service for telephony customers
  • Fast number portability
  • Accurate data on network locations
  • Correct information on telephony rates
  • High quality management information

Our Mission

We provide reliable access to global telecoms data through smart applications.

Our Vision

The globalisation of markets and telecoms related data requires an organisation that provides reliable and accessible access, regardless of the size of the customer. Standardised or customised: PortingXS provides your optimal solution.

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PortingXS is member of / accredited registrar of:

Telecom SocietyISOC logoICANN accredited registrar


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