About us

Telephone numbers are of enormous value to telecom operators. They are not just entrusted to anyone.

PortingXS is an organisation that supports the telecommunications sector in every region of the world with far reaching professionalisation and efficient service design.

PortingXS is an independent supplier and vendor that operates on behalf of all affiliated providers and regulators.

Supplier and vendor of client-specific interfaces for Number Portability, MNP, LNP, CRM, billing and routing systems. Managed on a daily basis by the PortingXS team. Additionally, it takes opportunities, consults with parties and in this way supports the innovation of the telecommunications market.

Our Mission

We provide reliable access to global telecoms data through smart applications.

Our Vision

The globalisation of markets and telecoms related data requires an organisation that provides reliable and accessible access, regardless of the size of the customer. Standardised or customised: PortingXS provides your optimal solution.

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